Road Bond

In a recent inventory, all of the City’s streets were inspected, evaluated to determine their level of quality, ride-ability, and remaining service life (PM system). Each road was inspected for cracks, patching, and other pavement flaws. This inspection identified roads in need of surface treatments, overlays, or complete reconstruction. Despite all efforts to aggressively maintain Orem’s roads with available funds, the inventory determined that many of the City’s roads are in need of major repair.

What are the options?

One option is to repair failed roads one at a time as funds become available over many years.

  • Postponing repairs will ultimately cost Orem’s citizens more money.
  • Without proper maintenance, a road that only needs and overlay today will soon deteriorate until it needs compete reconstruction. (Preventative maintenance)
  • Once a road has degraded to the point of reconstruction, the repair cost almost quadruples.

With so many roads already in critical condition or failing, with oil prices on the rise, getting the most “bang for the buck” requires a different stategy.

A second option is a major road-repair project implemented in two phases over the next three to four years.

  • The first phase includes major repairs to some of the most traveled roads in the City, including Sandhill Road from University Parkway to 2000 South, 1600 North from 1030 West to 400 East, and 2000 North from State Street to 400 East.
  • The second phase addresses over 36 miles of local roads throughout the entire City, reconstructing failed roads and overlaying other roads in poor condition.

Why the proposed Road Improvement Bond?

The Proposed Road Improvement Bond will address Orem’s immediate needs for road repair and provide the means to maintain Orem’s roads for the future. The $14 million dollar bond will cost the typical Orem homeowner an additional two dollars a month in property tax for every $100K of home value.

When is my road going to be fixed?

Roads needing surface treatment, overlays, or complete reconstruction appear on the City’s master list in order of priority, and these projects are currently being completed as funds become available.

The Proposed Road Improvement Bond will accelerate these projects. Once major repairs have been made, the City will direct its time and effort to maintaining quality roads for the future.

Are missing sidewalks going to be addressed?

In addition to road improvements, the City of Orem has also identified the need to install sidewalks for safer walking conditions around our public schools.

To download the PDF version of the Road Bond brochure click here.


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About Orem City

The City of Orem was organized in 1919 and named after Walter C. Orem, President of the Salt Lake and Utah Railroad. Orem is now the commercial and technological center for Central Utah and is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Housing, educational, and employment opportunities continue to be in high demand as Orem's population passes 91,000 residents.

The City of Orem is located on the eastern shore of Utah Lake and extends on the east to Provo and the foothills of Mount Timpanogos. It shares the general location with Provo, and its history is closely related to that of Provo. Its recent explosive development and growth have resulted in Orem becoming the fifth-largest city in Utah according to the 2010 US Census.