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How Do I Get An Orem City Business License?

1.  Start by registering your business name with the State of Utah.  This can be done at their web site:* Click on the ‘One Stop Business Registration icon.  This site will register the name of your business, make sure no one else is using that name and secure it for your use only.  It will then ask you a series of questions about your business and issue you a sales tax number if needed (if you are a selling a product rather than a service only).  It will also ask you questions regarding the ownership of your business and issue you a Federal ID number (EIN) if you are going to be anything other than a sole proprietor.  This number is like a social security number for the business.  When you have completed this process, please print the confirmation page and bring it with you when you turn in your business license application.

2.  If the nature of your business is any of the following, you will need to contact the Utah County Health Department to complete all of their requirements.  You must complete this step prior to applying for an Orem City business license.  The Health Department can be reached at 151 South University Avenue, Provo,  801-851-7000 or

  • Any business that serves and/or makes food or handles unpackaged foods in any way
  • Pools or spas that will have public access
  • Tattooing or piercing establishments
  • Tanning beds open to the public
  • Underground storage of gas for public access
  • Used oil collection sites

3.  Once you have completed the Utah State registration and the Utah County Health Department process, if applicable, you may print off the application here on our site and fill it out.  Bring your application to our office at 56 N State St. Room 105 for processing.  Here we will check over your application for completeness, check your state registration, verify your Health Department approval and accept your fees. We will also need a copy of your driver's license.  We will issue you a receipt that will act as proof of application and pending license.  You can also schedule an inspection at that time if one is required for your business.

4.  Your application will be checked for applicable zoning requirements. If your business requires a conditional use permit, you will be notified by Development Services, Room 105, Ph. (801) 229-7058.

5.  Your application needs to be reviewed to verify if the products you will be using will produce waste products to the city's sewer system other than restroom waste.  Some of the businesses that always will need to fill out the Industrial Waste and Pretreatment Questionnaire are automotive shops, food service establishments, manufacturing plants, many daycare or care centers and nearly all industrial uses.  Click here for a copy. You will be contacted if your business requires a waste water discharge permit. For questions please call (801) 229-7491 or (801) 229-7471.


The fee for a home based business is $30.00 per calendar year and the inspection fee is $60.00.  You will only need an inspection if clients will be coming to your home.

The fee for a commercial location is $150.00 plus $10.00 per employee per calendar year and the inspection fee is $60.00.  All commercial businesses require an inspection.

All fees except inspections are pro-rated for the calendar year (January to December) so the exact amount you pay for your license is determined by the date of your application.  Inspection fees are a one-time per location fee.

The actual certificate for your business will be issued after fees are paid and any necessary inspections are passed.  If no inspection is needed, the certificate will be mailed after processing in approximately 7-10 days.

What Is The Purpose Of A Business License?

The purpose of a Business License in the City of Orem is to regulate and license business and occupations within the corporate limit of the City.

  1. To determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances.
  2. To maintain a safe environment for the general public.
  3. To make sure that zoning and building codes are enforced.
  4. To maintain a list of currently licensed businesses for public access.
  5. To ensure that sales tax is properly remitted.

Where Do I Get An Orem Business License Application?

You may download a PDF version of the application by clicking here. Or, you may come to our office at 56 North State Street, Orem, Room 105 to obtain and complete and application.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Orem Business License?

It takes approximately two weeks for your license to be issued assuming your place of business passes any required inspections, the application was properly completed, and the business does not require a conditional use permit.

How Long Is An Orem Business License Valid?

A City of Orem business license is valid for one calendar year (January to December). All City of Orem business
licenses expire on December 31. A renewal form will be sent to you in Deceber.

When Will I Need To Get A New Orem Business License?

  • If your business moves from one location to another within the City of Orem, it will be necessary to complete a change of location form. This may require a new building and/or fire inspection.
  • If your business changes ownership, it will be necessary to close your business license and apply as a new business under the new ownership.
  • If your business changes its name, it will be necessary to complete a business name change form.

What Happens If My Business Moves Out Of Orem Or Closes?

If your business moves out of Orem or you close your business, please 'click here' for the proper form to close your Orem location and return it by mail to: City of Orem, Attn: Bus. Licensing, 56 N State St, Orem, UT  84057 or fax to: 801-229-7191.

Why Do Business In Orem?

Ever since the City of Orem traded in its farms and orchards for the likes of WordPerfect and Novell, publications around the country have taken notice of Orem's pro-business environment. Most recently, Entrepreneur Magazine named Orem the No. 1 area for entrepreneurs in mid-sized companies, a recognition that has become commonplace in such rankings. Orem's residents have cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit that saw the city issue more than 800 new business licenses in 2000. Orem's proximity to more than 50,000 students from Brigham Young University and Utah Valley State College ensures that the city's workforce needs will be well-cared for as the economy continues to grow.

Orem, with its business-oriented city government structure, is home to more than 4,000 businesses. National retail giants such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco all operate in Orem. Orem is also a hotbed for technology companies, with more than 236 high-tech companies within the city limits. Many high-profile, internationally recognized companies such as Novell, WordPerfect, PowerQuest, and all got their start in Orem, signifying the city's continuing innovative and successful entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, the December 2000 issue of Inc. ranked the Orem-Provo area as the second best city in America for new and growing companies.

Here is a list of other recent recognition that helps contribute to Orem's great business climate:

  • Most growth potential in key markets over the next decade -Sales & Marketing Management
  • America's most livable community -Money Magazine
  • No. 1 community in its population group for high-growth companies -National Commission on Entrepreneurship
  • One of the nation's best areas for job growth -Forbes
  • One of the top 20 best places to live and work -Employment Review Magazine (May 2000)
  • No. 1 "Entrepreneurial Hot Spot" in the nation for the next 20 years -Cognetics
  • 12th best place in America to raise a family -Reader's Digest
  • Fourth fastest-growing economy in the nation -U.S. Conference of Mayors


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Additional Information

For complete information regarding business license compliance, rules, and regulations please refer to the City of Orem Code on the internet.

For complete information regarding business license compliance, rules, and regulations please refer to the City of Orem Code online.

Topic Reference
Alarm Systems Article 9-4
Home Occupations Section 22-14-15
Licenses and Business Regulations Chapter 12
Wastewater Control and Treatment Chapter 20
Zoning Chapter 22

View the complete City Municipal Code.

*The only time you will NOT need to complete this step is when you are using your own given name with no additions, as the business name (ie. John Doe, NOT John Doe Window Washing).  If you are doing it this way and are selling a product, you will need to contact the Utah State Tax Commission at 801-374-7070 to obtain a sales tax number.

Orem City

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About Orem City

The City of Orem was organized in 1919 and named after Walter C. Orem, President of the Salt Lake and Utah Railroad. Orem is now the commercial and technological center for Central Utah and is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Housing, educational, and employment opportunities continue to be in high demand as Orem's population passes 91,000 residents.

The City of Orem is located on the eastern shore of Utah Lake and extends on the east to Provo and the foothills of Mount Timpanogos. It shares the general location with Provo, and its history is closely related to that of Provo. Its recent explosive development and growth have resulted in Orem becoming the fifth-largest city in Utah according to the 2010 US Census.